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psychologist in Mumbai

Are you experiencing a lack of interest in your daily life? Are your favourite activities becoming meaningless? If you are experiencing the above situations for a little time, then that does not necessarily mean you need counselling. But if there are continuous sleepless nights with anxiety or feeling of depression then you need a counsellor or psychologist in Mumbai.

We, Mind Mentor, are the specialists to heal all your problems. Whether it be related to marriage, career, relationship, child-rearing, or any other dilemma, we will always stand beside you.

Our esteemed counsellor and psychologist- Miss Dhwanii Shah is a renowned name in the psychology world. Her effective ways of psycho-therapies have given solutions to our clients. She has aided the patients to unfold their life problems and has filled them with motivation to continue their life with vigour.

Services we offer in Mumbai

We live in a fast pace life where no one has time for others. Even our family members can’t realize what is going on inside our heads. So, we can’t vent our emotions, everything gets bottled up.

Worry no more, we at Mind Mentor are all ears for you. We will never interrupt or judge you. Rather our counsellor, Dhwanii Shah will focus on how to eliminate your discomfort. She will focus on your strengths and how to use them to overcome the aches. Here are some of the domains where we offer counselling in-

1. Anxiety Management In Mumbai


Anxiety is like an ocean, deep and undiscovered. Each person senses distinct feelings. So, you need counselling if you are feeling pressed for a long and are not getting any way out.

2. Depression Management In Mumbai

Depression does not go away easily. It resides in the mind and becomes a parasite. When you suffer from depression you lose interest in everything. Even the things you like becomes meaningless. We will give you the best sessions to provide you with a lively life.

3. Relationship Counselling In Mumbai

Everyone needs someone in their life. But what if there’s a lack of communication? In this situation, you need to take a further step and contact us. We will understand your relationship and focus on the problematic area.

4. Helping with marital issues

Marriage problems are common today. There can be misunderstandings, ill-communication, time issues, and many other obstacles. We understand you want to live with your loved one, so let us figure it out together.

5. Overcoming Parenting Hurdles In Mumbai

We live in a time when parents are busy at work. This can sometimes result in parenting issues. The gap between a parent and a child keeps on increasing. Believe us, it is never too late. You can become a friend to your child with our proper guidance.

6. Addiction Counselling In Mumbai

Many people suffer from substance abuse, especially the youth. It is like a maze, easier to start but very difficult to get out from. It’s okay, we are here.

7. Personality Development In Mumbai

Well, personality is very important today. The first impression matters a lot and that depends on your personality. Get ready to make everyone’s head turn by contacting us. We shall work together to make you a better version.

8. Career Counselling In Mumbai


And yes, we also offer career counselling. If you are confused about what to do in the future and have that sleepless nights, then you are on the best page. You will be the centre of our sessions. All planning and recommendations will be done to provide you with a bright future.

Meet Our Psychologist In Mumbai, Dhwanii Shah

I Dhwanii Shah, am the founder of Mind Mentor. From the very beginning, I was curious to know how the human mind works, and hence I followed my passion and became a psychologist. With more than 5 years of professional practice in counselling and psycho-therapies, I am known for my mind-healing skills.

Just relying on the conventional ways of treating patients, is not my style. Rather my techniques are a fusion of old and new. I use the latest technologies to minimize the suffering of patients. I am well qualified with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. And Diploma in Advanced Psychology.

Play therapy, REBT therapy, Family therapy, CBT therapy, child development psychology, transactional analysis, and advanced metaphor therapy, are my strengths. I spend time with clients creating a warm and friendly environment. Further, I ensure that rapport formation is done properly which is the very basis of counsellor-client relations.

Being an experienced and well-known psychologist as well as a counsellor, I know how you feel. Having clients from various backgrounds with different problems gives me an edge. I am here to listen to your issues. My listening and communication skills will allow you to share all your dispositions.

So, feel free to get in touch with me.

About Mind Mentor

Mind Mentor is a mental health clinic working to promote mental health. Our counsellor- Dhwanii Shah with her excellent treatment methods is ready to be your support.

Mental Health is a key issue nowadays. Everyone is suffering through one or another pressure from their day-to-day life. But some are not that strong to face it boldly in comparison to others. This is where we work. Mind Mentor bridges the gap between a person and their fit life.

Believe us it’s okay to feel that way, there is no shame. It is better to seek help rather than suffer in silence. We will help you discover empathic solutions. You are unique and we Mind Mentor will adorn your life the way you want.

Why select Mind Mentor as your psychologist in Mumbai?

Psychologist test

1. Personalized care

If you are looking for a psychologist in Mumbai that offers individualized and personal care treatment, The Mind Mentor is the place to be at. We treat several mental health issues and offer a neutral ground to clients, families, and couples in a personalized format.

We believe each problem or mental health issue is as unique as the individual that arrives at our clinic, and create a friendly environment for them to explore their true self and discover what path would they like to take.

2. Focus on treatment

At mind mentor, our core aim is to assist our patients to heal, energize and become aware of their inner strengths.

Whether it is mood changes, anxiety, depression, stress, time management, family issues, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, relationship or marital problems, intimacy, sexual concerns, low self-confidence, and everything in between, we follow a focus on treatment first approach which sets us apart from another psychologist in Mumbai.

To do this, we follow a collaborative approach and invoice our patients in the treatment process by understanding their goals and aspirations for counselling or therapy.

Our psychologist in Mumbai, Dhwanii Shah follows an interactive approach to devise a therapy plan designed for each client uniquely.

3. Patient promise

I promise to be there for you in every step of your realization process. My goal is to help you grow out of your struggles, heal from your pain, and move forward to be an independent and self-reliant individual.

4. Collaborative approach

We believe happier you equal healthier you. With that in mind, we involve our clients in the process of healing, so we can explore their thoughts and emotions, and ultimately increase their self-awareness.

It is common for everyone to feel struck down by patterns that don’t serve us anywhere or don’t fall in tandem with our goals and values. In our collaborative process of counselling, we help you get rid of the beliefs that are at the heart of stuckness.

5. Expertise in care

Choosing a psychologist in Mumbai is surely a daunting task, especially if you have no prior experience or knowledge about psychology or mental health. With Mind Mentor, you are assured of getting expert care treatment by the top-rated psychologist in Mumbai, Dhwanii Shah.

Dhwanii has extensive training in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of adults, children, and adults with a wide range of psychological and mental health issues. Her expertise is based on experience and training in all major psychological settings.

6. Our Approach

Dealing with stress, and taking care of mental is something not taught to use in school.

Keeping this in mind, at Mind Mentor, our psychologist in Mumbai will curate a personalized treatment plan based on your issues, concerns, and problem. We work in tandem with our patients in an honest, transparent, and genuine way by providing them with a warm and supportive environment to facilitate their growth.

What Makes Us Different From Other Psychologist In Mumbai


The reason that sets us apart from other psychologists in Mumbai is the experience and skills of our founder psychologist in Mumbai, Dhwanii Shah.

Having been in this field for more than 5 years now, Dhwanii understands the importance of wanting to be in a safe space and aims to offer just that. She not only values the relationship that is formed with the patients but offers collaborative, authentic, nurturing, and filled with deep empathy treatment to all. The approaches she takes goes beyond “just talk” – she takes an active role in the work and teaches new skills to truly help you make lasting changes.

FAQs About Psychologist In Mumbai

What does a psychologist in Mumbai do?

A psychologist in Mumbai is an expert who studies the mental process and the function of human behaviour by closely observing, recording, and interpreting how individuals relate to one another and the environment. Few psychologists in Mumbai work independently, while some work in clinics or hospitals to treat mental illness and promote overall wellness.

Can I consult a psychologist in Mumbai online?

Of course, you can consult a psychologist in Mumbai online as well as offline. At Mind Mentor, we offer both, online as well as physical counselling sessions as per the need and requirements of the patient. Speaking about online psychologists in Mumbai, we involve our patients in video sessions to have collaborative and valuable conversations. Our psychologist in Mumbai, Dhwanii Shah listens to the concerns and issues of each patient and renders open feedback on the issues.

How can I search for the best psychologist in Mumbai?

Finding the best psychologist in Mumbai is surely a daunting task, especially if you don’t have prior experience in dealing with mental illness, depression, anxiety, or related issues. So, when it comes to searching for the best psychologist in Mumbai, always check the experience of the psychologist followed by customer testimonials, and reviews on Google or quora, check whether they have a registered office or not, and finally go through their website.

How much does a psychologist charge in Mumbai?

Charges of psychologist in Mumbai depends on several factors like the experience of the psychologist, the credibility of the clinic, knowledge, time spent per session, and a lot more. However, the general charge or fee for psychologists in Mumbai is between Rs Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 per hour.

Why Dhwanii Shah is the best psychologist in Mumbai?

Dhwanii Shah is a highly rated and empathic psychologist in Mumbai with 5+ years of experience. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and a Diploma in advanced counselling psychology and has the upper hand in play therapy, family therapy, REBT therapy, CBT therapy, child development psychology, transactional analysis, and advanced metaphor therapy.


Her knowledge and understanding of various mental problems faced by individuals and her usage of the latest and modern methods of treatment set her apart from other psychologists in Mumbai.

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