Child Counselling

The Mind Mentor understands what your child needs at an early age. Please help them to achieve better through our expert child counselling process and give them a bright future

Children these days go through a lot of mental health problems. Mental health conditions can affect how children manage their emotions, behaviour, and learning.

Child counselling is a type of therapy that helps children in dealing with one or more mental health illnesses. It can also help the youth who have experienced distress or the kids who are having a stressful home environment. Many of the problems the children face are similar to the ones adults face in their day-to-day lives. Some of these common issues include anxiety, depression, and grief. Therapy can help them with a variety of issues. The goal of child counselling, however, is to break down problems into achievable parts, so children can better understand and cope with them. Child Therapy at Mind Mentor will help your child to vent out the feelings and all insecurities they are dealing with.


What Makes Child Counselling? Important?

As a parent, you can surely manage the different phases of your child’s life. However, certain phases in your child’s life cycle need special attention and need to be addressed by someone other than a parent or doctor.

When Child Therapy is Effective?

Many times you can think our child needs expert advice, this occur usually when a child is suffering from one or more mental health issues or has problems such as anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem. A child can be suffering from one or more of these problems or trauma, hence, it can be hard to cope with. Especially when you think nothing seems to be working to rectify the situation. Do not worry, we Mind Mentors are here to cater to all your issues. We have a wonderful history in child therapy.



Significant trauma
Recurrent nightmares or sleep difficulties
Withdrawal from activities they usually love
Dramatic weight gain/loss

How Can Kids Benefit From Child Therapy?

Common goals of child counselling vary, depending on the child’s issue(s). However, it typically focuses on and addresses issues in a child’s life that are significantly impacting his/her growth, development, mental health, and well-being. We aim to help your child learn tools, techniques, and methods that can better prepare him/her for any challenges he/she faces – now and in the future.
Our counsellor can teach children how to effectively cope with the change by focusing on the positive aspects of their lives. She also teaches children how to practice positive self-talk, when they feel themselves becoming overwhelmed with all the changes in their lives.

Why ???

  • Inappropriate behaviour
  • The shift in interest and habits
  • Sadness