Caree Counselling

Career Counselling

Career confusion is so common now in the youth. Get career counseling with our experts and take the right choice for your better future!

Career Counselling is a type of practice prevalent today in which you can seek a career counsellor’s aid to answer career-related questions. Our counsellor, Dhwanii Shah will help you explore various career choices, and manage career changes, along with lifelong career development. Career Counselling is basically based on your interest, your strengths, educational background, circumstances, etc.

Further, it will help you understand who you really are and in which work environment you will flourish. For making these crucial life-changing recommendations, there are professional psychometric tests that measure aptitude and personality. And on the basis of results in various domains, our counsellor will tell you the best-suited options.


Why Is Career Counselling Is Important?

If you want to choose your future, which one will you choose- a bright career where you excel, or one in which you regret your life choices?

Obviously, without any doubt, you will choose the one where you grow as a person and have no regrets. But opting for the correct career path is not as easy as this decision. You need to have proper guidance from an expert in this field. And we, Mind Mentor, will make your life easier with our best career counsellor, Dhwanii Shah.

Why People Need Career Counselling?

At some point in our life, we are at this difficult time where we have to choose the right career for us. Further, we have mixed emotions and feel insecure. So as a result, students commit mistakes. Career counselling at Mind Mentor will help you to get insights about yourself and your career. Listed below are a few ways career counselling will help you:


Why ???

Counselling will guide you to the suitable path
Assist you with the suitable resources
Boost confidence
Aids in breaking bad behaviour patterns

Career Guidance By Professional Career Counsellor

The career guidance given by, Miss Dhwanii Shah will help you in choosing a suitable path. She will help you to clarify your mind and also will help you to have the right insights about yourself and your career. The most important time in a student’s career is when they reach high school and soon enough when they reach college. A Mind Mentor will help you to find the right institutions for your higher studies. I have the upper hand in career counselling and thus can help you in setting up career goals.

We, Mind Mentor will help you in identifying your strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns and interests using tools and aptitude tests, IQ or Interest tests. Based on the results of the test, our team will work alongside you to find a potential career option. We