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Ishita Katkoria

I started my counselling sessions with mind mentors. Really happy with the results that I’ve been getting and Dhwanii has been really patient with me.. by listening to all my problems and helping me deal with them. She is a great listener and her advices definitely helped me to approach my life in a better way.

Harsh Shah

I have been consulting Dhwani since a couple of years and the way she helps you with your personal life issues, professional life issues, anxiety & overthinking is commendable. After consulting her, 1 can see a drastic change in myself

Dhruv Patel

I visited Dhwani for counselling. She helped me out with my problems and i am able to see change after her advice. She is very calm and listen to all problems and give best way to tackle the situation. Her advice helped me a lot. I would definitely recommend others to visit her if they going through any problems.