Parenting Counseling

The word “parent” does not have a single definition It is a subjective term. For some parenting is the most beautiful phase of life while for others it can be a difficult path. But whatever the case is, this is definite that Qparenting is not easy.

There can be situations in your life where you are in a dilemma: are you a good parent? Or are you doing anything wrong to your child? Well, this is where we will work. Mind Mentor provides Parenting Counseling to parents in need. Our counselor, Dhwanii Shah will be your mentor. She will aid you by providing issue-specific solutions.

There are various reasons that parenting counseling is needed such as divorce, extramarital affairs, physical and verbal abuse, substance abuse by the child, peer pressure, etc. Do not worry, we will take care of everything. With the help of our professional sessions, you will feel the change in your family. Parenting will no longer be a burden or a duty.


What is Parenting Counseling?

While being a parent is rewarding, it can also be very challenging. The duties parents have to raise are enormous. It can start by raising a good kid who can help or contribute to the community, providing bread for the family, taking care of their spouses and children, and giving the family a comfortable life. Parents provide all those things while trying to meet their own needs as well as fighting with their struggles. Thus being a parent is not a cakewalk.

What Happens During a Parenting Counseling Session?

Well, during a parenting counseling session, your counselor will set specific goals for you to accomplish. These goals will depend on your situation, problem and solutions that you are seeking as a parent. However, one common goal of parenting counseling is being able to address and resolve adult problems in a calm and healthy way, so your children are not negatively impacted.
Keeping in mind to improve your ability to deal with stress, anxiety and difficult situations, you must first know that there is indeed a problem and you need to seek out a solution to it.


Who Needs Parenting Counseling?

Facing marital issues
Having health issues
In the middle of a divorce or separation
Experiencing physical or mental abuse
Dealing with teen problems

Significance of Parenting Counseling

Right from the moment you tell your family and friends, small little hints keep coming your way on parenting your unborn child. Although parenting is one of the best experiences of life, it is also very tiring and daunting, and most importantly time-consuming as well. Aside from tending to the daily needs of their child, parents must also focus on developing the social skills of their child.

Since every child is unique in their personality, there is no one size fits all as far as child-rearing is concerned. This might lead to confusion among newbie parents and make them feel overwhelmed.

Benefits of Parent Counseling

  • Unbiased views
  • A better understanding of parenting style
  • Self-realization