What Makes Child Counselling Important?

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Child counselling is a method to evaluate the child’s mental state and identify the cause of the problem. It is crucial for children who are suffering from mental or emotional stress.

Counselling is for more than just adults. It is equally important to bring your child to the counsellor when facing challenging moments of distress and stress. Counselling can help young children and adolescents to manage many emotional and psychological issues that impact their health. Whatever the cause, whether it’s the stress of a stressful environment or an unpleasant event, Child counsellors assist them in getting out of the situation.

What is child counselling?


Counselling for children gives children a chance to express their feelings without the anxiety of being judged. Conversation with a counsellor far from home and school may relieve some stress. Counselling provides a secure environment for children to discuss their emotions and discover why they feel this way.

The method used during sessions will vary depending on the kid’s age, environment and development. Many techniques can be utilised to help children communicate their emotions better by way of games as well as the artwork. Talking about stories and the feelings of a particular person can help them understand the emotions and to help them discuss their feelings. Painting, drawing and drama help children are more expressive.

Children older than ten may be more suited to speaking therapy or a mix of both. It’s up to the child and the counsellor, who will talk about the issue together to determine the best method that will be efficient. Although different techniques can be employed for child counselling, the purpose for adults and children is the same: to help the person understand and better manage their feelings, build resilience and live a happier life.

The basics of child counselling

Child counselling is not a treatment but rather a therapy that assesses the problem. Child counselling involves an assessment of the child and their parents. It also includes their personality, school environment, temperament, likes-dislikes, and psychometric tests. This allows for the identification of the problem and the provision of the best solution. Parental counselling is offered to the child to help them deal with the situation.

“We first assess the problem; then, we proceed to treat it. Medication will be prescribed to ensure the child’s health if there is a serious disorder.” Says Dhwanii shah (Founder – of Mind Mentor Mumbai).

The Role of Child Counselors


Child counsellors are mental health professionals with the expertise to work with children. They are trained to assess a child’s needs and find the problem. They can dig deep into children’s minds to find the problem areas.

Child counsellors are trained to help children escape trauma or stress. The child counsellors treat all possible issues so the child can return to his normal life.

For a more thorough assessment, consult a counsellor if you notice any unusual behaviour changes in your child. These are just a few of the areas that counsellors can help a child with:

  • Losing a pet or loved one can cause grief.
  • Parents getting divorced
  • Traumatic event
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Recovery from illness
  • Bullying at school
  • Abuse of any kind, physical or sexual

A Word from The Mind Mentor

Everybody experiences a certain level of boredom from time to time. Sometimes, it’s due to feeling disinterested. In other instances, it could mean a lack of interest in one of your previous hobbies, and you are looking to discover new interests.

However, this can indicate that your children have a mental issue like depression. If you feel that a lack of enthusiasm makes it hard to deal with or affects your children’s daily life, you must consult a physician or mental health specialist about how your child experiences it.

Depression can worsen as time passes. The earlier you seek help, the quicker you’ll feel better and will be able to restore your enthusiasm for things that make you happy.


Children’s minds are delicate and can be easily affected by any reason. Parents should be able to notice any changes in their child’s behaviour. Parents should talk with their children about any issues they are having. Sometimes, children are afraid to speak to their parents. This is why child counselling is necessary. They all have methods of connecting with children and identifying their weak spots. Child counselling or therapists are trained to identify the problem and then resolve it.

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