Depression Counselling

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Depression is not a single term, instead, it is a whole other world. There are various aspects, symptoms, causes, and applications, which can not be included in a single definition. But to understand in short, depression is a state of mind where an individual loses interest in daily life along with a persistent depressed mood.

When a person is facing depression, s/he can not carry on their day-to-day life normally and some days can be so hard that getting out of bed becomes a huge burden.


What is it Like to Get Online Depression Counselling?

In everybody’s life, there is a phase or a situation that affects us a lot right? Some people take 2-3 days or maybe even a week, but after some time are back on their track. Their mood does not interfere with their daily life for long, they cope with the pain without any exterior aid. But, some people get stuck with their distress. The woe turns out to be so profound that it becomes a parasite in their life. Hence, they suffer through this misery for long in silence.
If you are experiencing such emotions for more than 2 weeks and your feelings are hindering your daily life, then it is time to seek a counsellor. It is okay to feel like that, and there is no shame to accept it.


Depression is a common mental illness that causes feelings of sadness, loss of interest, or loneliness in an individual. It not only affects you mentally but also physically. Simply put, it affects how you feel, think and behave. An individual suffering from depression might face problems doing normal day-to-day activities and sometimes he might feel life is not worth living.


Symptoms Of Depression

Pessisimistic Outlook
Lack of Interest
Sleepless Nights/ Insomnia
Drastic loss or gain in weight
Constant feeling of fatigue and restlessness
Suicidal Thought
Sudden change in appetite
Rush of Emotions

How to Overcome Depression?

Depression is treatable, and the only way to get out of it is by taking proper counselling for depression. Our mental health experts will identify your mental, emotional and psychological issues and help you out in the best possible way. Also, we practice various therapies to keep you healthy throughout the consultation period.

Causes of Depression

  • Biological factors
  • Gender-related
  • Substance abuse